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Published Nov 30 '23
China Housing Market Outlook



Published Jun 07 '21. Last edited Nov 26 '23
Who Will Win Russia-Ukraine War?

Uncertainty   #russiaukrainewar  How will Russia-Ukraine War end and which side will win at end? #RussiaUkraineWar


Published May 17 '22. Last edited Nov 24 '23
What are Main Use Cases of AI?

Uncertainty   Is AI a hype or is it real? Is it going to be more intelligent than human? Will our jobs be replaced by bots? If so, when? What skills do we need to focus on to better position ourselves in up...



Published Dec 17 '22. Last edited Nov 22 '23
Binance Bashing Has Started, Will Binance Survive?



Published May 23 '22. Last edited Nov 20 '23
Edges for Trading and Investing

Topic   This topic collects learnings that give edges to someone who aspires to succeed in making decisions for trading and investing.


Published Feb 22 '22. Last edited Nov 16 '23
Outlook of Clean Energy Transition and Our Fight against Global Warming

Uncertainty   #globalwarming #cleanenergy  This will address the following uncertainties Will Human Win the Fight Against #GlobalWarming? What are risks and opportunities of our transition to #CleanEnergy?

  • Nov 16 '23


    华尔街日报:根据周二发布的美国国家气候评估(U.S. National Climate Assessment)最新一期报告,美国现在每三周就会经历一次 #极端天气 事件,每次造成的损失和相关费用超过10亿美元。相比之下,经通胀因素调整后,上世纪80年代美国每四个月才会发生一次极端天气事件。
  • Nov 12 '23


    来自:华尔街日报 在 #清洁能源 转型的过程中,美国面临 #变压器 短缺,预计美国将成为中国变压器出口的第二大市场。



Published Dec 08 '22. Last edited Nov 13 '23
Electric Vehicle (EV) Market and Stocks Outlook

Uncertainty   #tsla #nio #xpev #li #chpt  As of early January 2023, US EV stock #TSLA is still making new low while tech sector staged a comeback rally since 1/4. As of end of November 2022, Chinese EV stocks #NIO, #LI and #XPEV bottome...


Published Jun 09 '22. Last edited Nov 11 '23
Is a US-China Hot War Inevitable?

Uncertainty   #thucydidestrap  US is still world's No.1 power in military and technology, but with fast catchup of China's development and geopolitical influence, anxiety and fear of losing multi-perspective race against Chin...


Published Dec 15 '22. Last edited Nov 08 '23
Will US Win Technology War Against China?




Published Oct 08 '23. Last edited Oct 29 '23
What is Best VPN Solution within China?


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