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Published Dec 18 '21. Last edited Jan 23 '23


Here are how SaveNowClub help you:

Navigate Through Uncertainties

As investors, you navigate through uncertainties and make predictions using one or a combination of following methods which are all covered by SaveNowClub's Timeline of Uncertainties.

Follow Good Predictors

Quicly build timeline of facts / predictions under theme of uncertainty by saving web articles from any source you have access to using bookmarklet.

Use facts to backtest predictions, use backtest results to build track records for experts.

Use predictions from experts with good track record of prediction accuracy as reference to form your own prediction on the uncertainty.

Focus on Uncertainty

Organize predictions / facts under uncertainty themes you care about using parent chooser so that you can focus on the uncertainty itself to come up with your own prediction without being distracted by other predictions.

Use Indicators

Use indicators you know of to identify early signals of peak or bottom.

Use Breakouts

Use upside or downside breakouts of trading channel as entry signals for a trade.

Research Price

SaveNowClub offers you a number of tools for you to carry out price research on anything you intend to buy:

List Deals For Sale

You may sell actual deals to make more sales by offering group discounts to customers or sell deal information if you have insider information to deals of high-priced products such as cars or pianos.

List Actual Deals for Sale

As of December 2021, this feature is being developed and will be rolled out soon.

List Deal Information for Sale

For people who possess deal information (including buyers who completed purchase at a great price or sellers who plan to liquidate inventory): Make money and help people at same time by sell your information of money-saving deals to buyers and help them save money, the information you put on sale is what is needed to replicate the deal: usually includes dealer and sales person contact information.

Buy Deals

Find and get deals with group discounts.

Subscribe to Deal Alerts

After creating a wish, by default, you are subscribed to email deal alerts for your wished item. You may turn off this subscription at any time.

Buy Actual Deals

As of December 2021, this feature is being developed and will be rolled out soon.

Buy Deal Information

For buyers who are researching price for something, browse price records and find exclusive information on deals of target product/services to save money


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