Tutorial: Buying Groups and Price Records

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What is Buying Group

Find your Buying Groups or browse all buying groups on SaveNowClub platform.

Buying Group is a free tool offered by SaveNowClub for similiar buyers to crowd source deals on their target products/services. Group members are allowed to contribute deals/price records (past price paid or price offers) on their target product/service. Here is the buying group for Audi Q7 SUV.

How to Join a Buying Group

It's simple and easy to join an existing Buying Group or request to create a new one.

You may use either of the following ways: 1. find an existing group and join it or 2. directly fill out the join group form and submit it. Either way, you need to fill out pretty much the same simple form, all you need is to provide your email address (need to be verified) and name information as well as your target product name and zip code.

After submission, you will be assigned to the appropriate buying group based on name of target product you provide, if no buying group exist for your target product yet, your membership still exists, it simply is the only member for your requested target product. After review, if approved, we will create a Buying Group for your requested product.

Your personal data is safe with us as we do not send spam email to you nor do we share your contact with any irrelevant merchants (see our privacy policy)

Benefits of Buying Group

If you are organizing or about to join a Buying Group, consider the following advantage of SaveNowClub’s Buying Group vs. Google Form vs. WeChat Groups vs. Facebook Groups

Deal Alerts

Note: this feature is in development and will be available soon as of August 2021

  • Group members are able to stay up to date with latest deals. Once new deals are added, group members are immediately notified by email.

Membership Management

  • Membership information of a Buying Group can be modified or deleted, while it’s not possible to do it on Google Form
  • Group Members' email addresses will be verified while Google Sheet does not verify email addresses of sign up members
  • Multiple types of members are allowed to join the group: Buyer, Dealer or Broker, this makes it easier to reach a deal
  • Advantage over Facebook Groups: Members may remain anonymous to the public and to each other group members, while you have to show your real name in Facebook Groups

Marketing Advantages

  • Buying Group page is public and easy to attract new members while keeping membership information private, but Google Form address is usually private and cannot generate organic traffic.
  • Advantage over WeChat Groups: the fact that SaveNowClub buying group has a public page and allows dealers / brokers to join makes it easier to attract sellers to make offer to the group and to reach a deal, while WeChat Groups are private and lack a public page to attract sellers to make an offer.

What is Price Record

For any buying group, one or multiple price/deal data points may be added to it, these price/deal data points are called Price Records, these are what people look for when they research prices on their buying targets.

Types of Price Records

SaveNowClub supports two types of price records: price offer and price paid.

Price Offer

These are currently active price quotes offered from sellers, for example, this offer on 2020 Ford Expedition MAX XLT, it was posted on 2/1/2021, and it will stay valid until the listed product is sold or the price gets changed by seller.

Here is another example price offer of a price offer for a used SUV near Chicago area.

Price Paid

These are past price paid records contributed by other buyers. This is an example price paid for 2020 Toyota Highlander. Since these records reflect transaction already happened, they generally do not expire.

Components of Price Records

Each price record is made up of 3 parts: public information, private information and dedicated mailbox

  • public information: accessible by general public, includes product/service name, price, area/zip code, and public description
  • private information: accessible by owner and buyers of price record only, includes
    • available to both owner and buyers of price record: dealer information, deal making descriptions
    • available to only owner: source URL, vehicle VIN
  • dedicated mailbox: optionally attached to a price record, accessible by owner of price record or group members of a buying group only. See section below for more details

Dedicated Mailbox

As you create a Price Record, you may choose to add a Dedicated Mailbox to it, the mailbox comes with these handy benefits

Collaborative Negotiation

You may collaborate on email negotiation with dealer to nail down the deal by checking collboratively negotiate box.

For a demo of this feature, see collaborative communication to seller and peer-to-peer communication in demo sections below.

Beat Your Deal

Our Beat Your Deal Service is offered to you as part of Buyer Broker Package that you purchase. We promise to buyers of Buyer Broker Package that if within a month of your puchase, we cannot beat your best deal in your acceptable distance range we will refund you 80% of your full amount of purchase (see our full refund policy).

After you purchase Buyer Broker Package, you will receive two parts: private information of the price record and Beat Your Deal service:

  • Private information of the linked price record, for example: original listing URL, details of vehicle and dealer information. This part gives you a real-life price point that beats your current best deal. However, the deal may be too far away from your location or may have hidden strings that do not guarantee the advertised price, these issues are addressed by another part of the package: Beat Your Deal service.
  • Our Beat Your Deal service actually does the negotiation work on behalf of you to help you secure a ready-to-close deal that beats your best deal in your designated distance range of local dealers. After this part completes, you will have a realistic ready-to-close deal in your acceptable distance range that beats your current best deal.

Here are the steps:

  • If you have not done so, register an account and verify your email address.
  • Purchase the Buyer Broker Package from a listed price record.
  • Share with us necessary information for us to beat your deal. You may start doing this by clicking Replicate This Deal button of the purchased price record to create a Buying Project
    • Show us your current best deal by Add a Listing to the Buying Project you created.
    • Share with us your desired criteria (usually range of distance) for your target best deal by add this information to the description of your Buying Project.
  • After we understand your current best deal and your target best deal criteria, we will start doing research to beat your current best deal. We will make sure the deal we present to you is not only better than your current best deal but also ready-to-close and has no hidden strings.

Price Record Marketplace

All users of SaveNowClub can create buying project and append price records to it for free. After review and verification, some price records added to SaveNowClub platform are also listed for sale at price of $5 USD each, and these price records are called Price Record Marketplace, price record owner receives majority of sale proceeds after each sale.

This is a price record in the Marketplace

For Sellers: Listing Criteria

All added price records are reviewed by SaveNowClub Team, after review, price records that satisfy the following conditions are placed on sale:

  1. trustworthy: the accuracy of price record is verified by SaveNowClub using either or both of these two methods:
    • source verified: the price record was published at least once on the Internet before being listed for sale, therefore this price record has at least one third-party source.
    • document verified: the transaction document that verifies the price record is available.
  2. valuable: it includes valuable information such as dealer name and/or detailed negotiation tips

For Sellers: Ownership of Price Record

Owner of price records have access to public, private and dedicated mailbox information of the price records and also receives majority of sale proceeds if someone purchases the price records on sale. Ownership of price records can be claimed.

For Sellers: Sale Proceeds

Whenever someone purchases a record, price record owner receives 70% of sale price as sale proceeds, the remaining 30% covers SaveNowClub platform service fee and credit card transaction fees, e.g. for price records listed at $5 USD, owner receives $3.5 USD after any sale completed on the price record. Owner will receive funds once the accumulated seller balance reaches $10 USD via PayPal.

For Sellers: Claim a Price Record

Ownership of a price record may be claimed by any user who provide a correct claim code.

To claim ownership of a price record, first login to SaveNowClub, then navigate to the price record section of its buying project page, under private information section, fill out claim price record form, see example below

If you submitted the correct claim code, after refresh the page, you should see the private information of the price record as its owner.

For Buyers: What Happens After Buying

For any price records on sale, you may purchase it at a reasonable price. You will be redirected to third party website (Stripe) to enter your credit card info. As soon as you complete purchase, you should be redirected back to the price record page and instantly have read access to the private information you have purchased.

For Buyers: Verification Promise

We promise the price records you purchase are verified at least at source level, check out listing criteria for price records we put on sale.

For Buyers: Refund Policy

We promise to buyers of Buyer Broker Package that if within a month of your puchase, we cannot beat your best deal in your acceptable distance range we will refund you 80% of your full amount of purchase. For example, if you paid $50 for the package, we will refund you $40.

The remaining 20% covers the following:

  • The private information of the price record which is part of the Buyer Broker Package
  • Our payment processing fee


Below you can find a simple tutorial of how to use Email Buyer Agent for your car buying.

Step 1: Create a Buying Project

If you don't have an account yet, click create an account using a personal email address (in this tutorial I use buytition.car@gmail.com) and use it to sign in to SaveNowClub. If you have not verified your personal email yet, then click Reset Password button to verify it.

Open Start Project page to create a buying project for free and use it as a car buying worksheet to track all target vehicles and negotiations around them.

After you submit the above simple form, the project is created like this or can be viewed here

Step 2: Add Listing to Buying Project

After your buying project is created, now you can add listing / price record to it in order to find a better deal to beat your listing or sell its information to other buyers who try to replicate your deal.

Step 2.1: Find Your Target Vehicle Online

Look for your target vehicle online and grab its URL (link on browser), we recommend you to use links that has vehicle specific details (VIN, MSRP and price quotes), such as the one below

Step 2.2: Add Listing to Buying Project

After target vehicle page is available, go directly to Add Listing section of the project you just created in previous step

Fill out Add Listing form with vehicle name, vehicle URL and other vehicle details info found in previous step, and click Add Listing button at bottom of form

You may sell information of your deal by checking List information you enter in Keep These Private section below for sale box and set a price yourself. All price records on sale must satisfy listing criteria, otherwise listing will be removed from sale.

You may also create a dedicated mailbox by checking Create dedicated mailbox box in the form. After submitting the form, bagent_barbXXXX@buytition.com in this case was created, all you need to do is sit back and wait for dealer emails to come in.

Step 2.3: Car Buying Worksheet

The created buyer agent will show up in the Buying Project page as shown below or can be accessed here. Buyer may add any number of such Buyer Agents and modify them to keep track all target vehicle and negotiation at one place so the buying project becomes buyer's buying worksheet.

Step 3: How to use Proxy Email

After Email Buyer Agent (EBA) is created, a Proxy Email address is created. The EBA proxy email is a powerful tool that enables easy three-way communication between project author, EBA author, and seller i.e. anybody else.

Step 3.1: Peer-to-Peer Communication

Let's say I am helping Project Author on this buying project, and I created this EBA, very likely Project Author and I need to communicate with each other, for that purpose, I simply write an email to EBA proxy email address, in this demo bagent_barbXXXX@buytition.com, and send it, and EBA will forward that email to project author. And vice versa, if project author does the same, I will receive that email from him/her.

The difference between this type of communication vs seller communication is that for seller communication, you always need to reply an incoming email, but for peer-to-peer communication, you start from scratch and send it.

Step 3.2: Collaboratively Communicate with Seller

A while after an EBA is created, EBA author will start receiving emails from seller, which will be copied to project author as well if he/she was not EBA author.

In this demo, I entered a Gmail address, so it arrives at Gmail inbox like this. You see the email was forwarded from bagent_barbXXXX@buytition.com which is proxy email I created in previous step. In this email, dealer quoted a price of $44,954 for my target vehicle.

I reply it directly from my Gmail mobile app and made a counter-offer of $2000 lower than dealer's quoted price. If project author is a different person, he/she may reply to same email as well and I will be copied with that reply so I am notified that project author has replied.


Dealer respond to my price offer and I am ready to make a deal with dealer. Additionally, you may notice the red circled here link at top right of screenshot below, it is exactly the target vehicle link you have added to Email Buyer Agent earlier. That link is attached by Email Buyer Agent to the bottom of every dealer email you receive as buyer, so you may keep track of purpose of this conversation.

Collaborative Group Negotiation Demo

Take for example the dedicated mailbox bot2270@buytition.com that comes with this price offer for Audi Q7 buying group:

  • all of its inbound or outbound email messages are visible (via the link next to the mailbox after login) to all participating buyers including price record owner, project owner and group members (if project is a buying group), in addition, participating buyers are allowed to reply to inbound emails on our website by clicking the bright orange icon on upper right corner of message detail page (this for example, member login required).
  • its mailbox bot2270@buytition.com was created with the price record of 2021 Audi Q7 in MD, but it can also be used to negotiate deal with multiple dealers, simply use that address to start negotiation with any Audi dealers and email messages will be viewable and reply-able on this website by all group members.

Step 4: Manage Email Buyer Agent

For creator of the buyer agent, after login, you will be able to check out your own private information such as proxy email address, your full name, a link to email messages between you and dealer through this buyer agent and a button to turn on / off this buyer agent with one click.

Step 4.1: Check Buyer Agent Emails

If email exist for any target vehicles, Buyer Worksheet will show total count of emails (received and sent) at lower right corner for that vehicle. For 2020 Volv XC60 vehicle in this example, we have total 34 emails see below

Clicking on email icon will show you all 34 email messages between myself and dealer regarding this vehicle.

Step 4.2 One Click Turn On / Off Agent

Turn on or off buyer agent with one click, one click to unsubscribe from all messages from sender without worrying about filling out complex form to unsubscribe

or turn on




Terms of Use: You are in agreement with our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. The Price Paid or Price Offer Records published for free or for sale on SaveNowClub platform were contributed by registered SaveNowClub users and satisfy our Listing Criteria. The registered users who publish price records own these price records and take full reponsibility of any consequences as a result of publishing these price records. SaveNowClub hereby claim that we do not own these price records nor do we guarantee their accuracy. If you have any question or concern to any information published on SaveNowClub, please feel free to write to us at savenowclub@gmail.com